The Limbo

Death once said, "The night is lonely." Life then answered, "The distance between us is an abyss we cannot cross. But my creations are a gift that will hear your euphony to the end. Bring them not in the abode of souls, But keep them safe from an unjust judgement. For a forbidden love is what it is. Separated only by a thin line called Time."

A Piece of Everything

You were lines in my poetry, The melody to my songs, We drifted far apart, And now you’re just a thought in my memories.

The Warmth of A Cold Heart

"It's time to go." Death's cold voice echoed through the cries of the crowd. A kid of skin and bones in tattered clothes looked at death with much emptier eyes. "I'm scared." The child trembled. "What awaits me is void, filled with nothing but fear. I want to be with my family, far from the noise of bombs and guns, from the earsplitting cries of victims." Death reached out a cold hand. "What awaits you is the pleasant heat of spring, the warmth amidst the cold. You will suffer no more, for you are now free from the exploits of war."

Euphony from Death

Life once asked Death, “Why does everyone fear you so When we are both one and the same?” Death then answered, “Time blurred the line dividing reality and fantasy. In the eyes of the mortals, We are as different as night and day. You conduct a melody boasting of beauty and joy. I conduct terror of only pain and suffering. Mortals are foolish to fail to hear my euphony. Only those who bear unjust and emptiness seek me.”